Dedication of William L. Hutcheson Memorial Forest

The Citizen's Committee for the Preservation of Mettler's Woods was the first organization devoted to saving the old growth forest of HMF when development threatened. The Committee raised funds from private donors throughout New Jersey and the U.S. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners clenched the initial preservation effort with a donation to purchase the property in 1955. We invite you to go back in time to 1955 and read the collection of addresses and papers from leading conservationists and ecologists at the historic dedication of the William L. Hutcheson Memorial Forest on October 15th, 1955.

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William L. Hutcheson Memorial Bulletin, Dedication Issue, 1957 [PDF]

Table of Contents

Role of the Citizens' Committee [PDF] 1
The Support of Volunteer Conservation Groups [PDF] 3
The Life and Work of William L. Hutcheson [PDF] 5
Presentation of the Deed and Trust [PDF] 11
Dedication of the William L. Hutcheson Memorial Forest [PDF] 13
The Mature Oak Forest of Mettler's Woods [PDF] 16
Soil Research in Natural Areas [PDF] 20
Plant Ecology and Natural Areas [PDF] 26
Animal Ecology in Natural Areas [PDF] 33
Forest Ecology and Mettler's Woods [PDF] 36
The Importance of Preserving Natural Areas [PDF] 43